Castle Grade G-Series masks launching early September in Australia!

Castle Grade are pleased to announce the launch of their breakthrough G-Series respirator masks in the Australian market, with the first orders to ship in early September.  

The G-Series of masks represent the next-era of personal protection for everyone, with an eco-friendly reusable silicone design and an N95 grade two-way replaceable filter to provide genuine protection for the wearer and those around them.  The G-Series also offers users greater comfort, and the silicone-seal prevents leakage and fogging.


Castle Grade G-Series Mask in black


Castle Grade co-founders Dan & Carly Castle said: "The feedback we have received since launching Castle Grade in April has been overwhelming and we just knew we had to bring our product to as many markets as possible.  The Australian market has always been close to our heart and we were able to partner with family friends who have made this launch possible."

Castle Grade's Australian distribution partner, Martin Matthews, said: "Having research mask innovation globally, it was immediately clear to me that Castle Grade have the best product and are a brand that actually care about the community and the environment.  We are excited to continue that tradition in Australia to be supporting our local community recover from the COVID pandemic."

At launch, Castle Grade Australia is partnering with Melbourne-based social enterprise HoMie's Pathway Alliance to create employment opportunities for young people affected by hardship, while shipment will be handled by carbon-neutral courier business Sendle.  

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IMAGE: Castle Grade's fully biodegradable "Stone Bag" packaging

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